Different areas of the country have their favorite BBQ sauce styles. In parts of Alabama, they head for mayonaise-based sauce, South Carolina loves it’s mustard-based sauce. We have your BBQ sauce breakdown right here.


Found in parts of Alabama, white barbecue sauce is made from mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon juice and black pepper and is drizzled over the meat.


Popular in South Carolina and made of vinegar and mustard. By combining sweet and tangy flavors this sauce brings out the best of any meat you grill or smoke.


Often made with white or cider vinegar and dried red pepper flakes, it produces a tangy, spicy baste.

Tomato and Vinegar

Tomato and vinegar sauces have a runny consistency, a sweet-and-sour flavor with kick of pepper.

Tomato and Sugar

Heavier than it’s vinegar counterparts, tomato and sugar based sauce can be just as much an attraction as the barbecue it coats. The impact is mostly in flavor; these tend to be prepared with sweeteners like molasses or brown sugar, with the use of vinegar, pepper, and other ingredients as the cook sees fit.