Lowcountry Food Scene


By Carrie Hirsch
Like fine wine, tequila has connoisseurs and collectors who enjoy its deep complexities from blanco to extra-anejo and all the categories in between.

“Tequila is highly regarded in Mexico, however often a misunderstood spirit in the US. We make a conscious effort of educating people at Holy Tequila and then point them in the right direction to explore new things. Once you understand the subtle differences in taste and style, you can start to seek out specific flavor profiles that you already enjoy or pair well with a specific food, which makes the spirit approachable and similar to how people appreciate and approach fine wines.” Says owner Nick Bergelt.

When it comes to Mexican food, every region in Mexico has a specialty and Bergelt and his team went to great lengths when developing their concept to intimately understand the different variations of each region.

By Carrie HIRSCH

Those who give you their food, give you their heart. Managing the daily challenges and long hours that come with being in the restaurant business reflect a unique ability – few are up to the task but Ginny and Rocky Whitehead of Bomboras Grille relish it. After moving to Hilton Head Island from Cincinnati, the Whiteheads purchased The Art Café in 2008, and then launched Bomboras Grille in early 2011 at its original location off Coligny Circle. Their plan was to have a family business, a few in fact, and soon their daughters, Stacey and Brittany and son Taylor, all became involved in the day-to-day operations and all aspects of running their successful enterprises.

The members of this entrepreneurial family bring their talents and strengths together which has earned Rocky the nickname “Norm at the end of the bar,” since he enjoys chatting with the restaurant’s customers. If you want to engage Rocky in a conversation, start with the Cincinnati Bengals and dress in orange and black on game day or any day, for that matter.


Price and Karen Beall have achieved what other restaurateurs dream of – mouthwatering menus and just the right ambiance which appeal to a broad spectrum of guests who know they will have a memorable experience each and every time. The couple’s first restaurant, the original Truffles Cafe, opened in 1983 in Sea Pines Center and other Truffles Cafe locations followed. Favorites on the extensive American fare menu include the Southwestern salad, chicken pot pie, meatloaf with Vidalia onion chutney, and baby back ribs.

Regulars are on a first name basis with the wait staff and the gift shop offers one-of-a-kind items, hand-picked by Karen, who works diligently to source the selections that reflect the taste of their retail customers.