1. Peace of mind
As the world around us seems to get more turbulent, there is something very reassuring about living in the Lowcountry. Our world in the Lowcountry seems pretty darn normal, and for once, that is a really good thing.

2. Natural beauty
There are only a few places in North America that can rival the beautiful surroundings we live in. We’re blessed us with incredible beaches, pristine tidal creeks, calming marshes, pluffmud and Spanish moss. Great vision and planning allows us to live in harmony with all the natural beauty.

3. Climate
Though the winter here is unpredictable; it can be 80 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next. Compared to the road-blocking snowstorms just a few hours to the north though, we’ve got it pretty good. Conditions greatly improve in March and stay really nice through the end of October. We also have many nice and sunny days November through February.

4. Location and accessibility
Direct flights from SAV now include 13 major dest inations including Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Miami, NYC, Philadelphia and Washington. Within driving distance we can access three growing metropolitan areas — Atlanta, Charlotte and Jacksonville or we can escape to the charms of the mountains of North Carolina.

5. Economic diversity
We still heavily depend on the two main drivers of our economy — tourism and retirement. But new trends are emerging. Young people and families in their prime choose the Lowcountry as their nesting grounds.

6. Cultural, recreational and educational choices
It was only 10 years ago when our choices were very fairly limited when it came to active sports, cultural and educational choices. No longer so. Regardless of what you want to learn or do or experience, chances are you can find an event, a place or club, a class or a teacher to make it happen.

7. 10,000 people a Day Retire
Yes, these are the official statistics and it will continue at this pace for almost two decades. The profile of the typical retiree however has changed. Not only will they live longer, they are vibrant, still wanting to change the world and become an important part of our community. They bring with them experience, connections and often attract the next generation to move here as well.